Are you Proud of your life?

If you were to ask your five year old self if they are they proud of who you are today what would they say?  What areas would they be most proud of?  What areas would they say have the most room for growth?  Though the eyes of your 5 year-old self, picture the life that they would want when they grow up.  What’s missing from your life that they envisioned?

What about your present self? Are you proud of who you are?  Is there more you know you can be, would like to be?  What in your life are you most proud of?  Who were you in this moment, or achievement, that gives you this pride.  Would you like to be that way more?

If you are a man who believes that there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing or would like play your “A-Game” more consistently then you are a great candidate for coaching.
How can The Warriors Voice serve you?

We believe that the moments and achievements in our lives that we are most proud of occur when we are being our most Authentic Self. We will work with you to find your Authentic Self, the person you are meant to be, and then to define the path and goals that you want to achieve.  Then you, the client, together with the coach will create plans and practices that will move you along your path to your desired goals. As you journey we will find and create and then use the tools that support you in achieving your goals.

One – on – One Coaching: We work with individuals who are looking to step up their game or push the limits of their experience to assist in realizing their goals and dreams.
Couples Coaching:  Couples who would like to see their relationship soar to new heights come to coaching together to discuss what they want in their relationship and step forward together in support of each other
Team Coaching:  Working with teams who want to be ‘high functioning teams’.  Who want to step forward and engage at new levels.  We use a variety of tools and techniques to help the team discover their Authentic self as a team.
Group Coaching:  Similar to ‘One-On-One’ coaching, each member of the group walks their own journey while supporting the other members of the group each on their individual paths.

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